Porting Infomation

Important information about Simple ‘CAT A’ Ports

  • Simple Ports generally take 4-6 business days to complete.
  • For a Simple Port to be successful, all complex services on the line must be removedprior to submission of the port.
  • The line must also be active.
  • Simple Port fees are charged per porting attempt at the time of Port Submission. If the port is rejected and resubmitted, the charge will be reapplied.
  • Common reasons for Simple Port rejections are incorrect information (such as wrong account number/address) or because of complex service(s) associated with the number.
  • To make porting easy, it is recommend that all complex services are removed from the line and then the port is submitted as a Simple Port. This helps to minimise the time and cost involved! If cancelling features on a service, please wait 2 business days before submitting the port request.
  • For redirections for Telstra, the only call forwarding option is CDNO. CDNO means the port will remain Simple. Prepaid number redirections cannot be ported under any process. Number Redirection cannot be provided to numbers that are not connected to the Telstra Network.

Important information about Simple ‘CAT C’ Ports

  • Complex ports generally take 4-6 weeks to complete depending on complexity.
  • Number blocks are considered as single numbers, for example a 100 block is 100 numbers and will be charged at the 100 number batch fee.
  • A Complex Batch will need to be for the same end customer name at the same address to be accepted. A Complex Batch can have more than one account number, although this does not happen very often.
  • Reject charges apply to all Cat-C numbers. Also even if PNV is completed and is successful, complex ports can still be rejected. This generally happens when a customer makes changes on their end such as disassociating & associating numbers to the block that is being ported, cancelling services etc.
  • For Emergency Returns, the fee will be based on the actual size of the return, unless they are associated numbers. For example if 300 numbers are ported and they are all associated, but an Emergency Return of only 100 is required, it will be charged as the cost of 300 numbers emergency return. However if an Emergency Return is required for 100 numbers out of 300, and they are NOT associated, the fee will be charged as the cost of 100 number emergency return.
  • All associated numbers must be ported even if only 1 number is wanted. The only option around this is that the association must be broken before the port is submitted.