What is ADSL 2+?

ADSL 2+ is a high speed broadband service which can deliver up to 20 Mbit download speeds. It will allow users to stream real time video and media, and utilise Voice Over Internet Telephony, all without the inherent problems previously experienced and slow broadband speeds.

2+ represents the biggest leap forward in the internet since its inception and enables unparalleled speed and data transmission.

What is the difference between ADSL 2+ and traditional broadband?

Traditional broadband services have generally only been able to provide maximum connection speeds of around 1500k / 256k. With an ADSL 2+ service, users will obtain up to 20,000k (20 Mbit) connection speeds, which is up to 16 times faster than the speeds currently available.

How can I get Super Fast ADSL 2+?

You need to live within 4-5 kms of an enabled exchange and be able to receive normal ADSL services. You will also need to have an ADSL 2+ compatible modem to receive the increased speeds.

Will I get 20 Mbit download speeds?

ADSL2+ plans provide the best possible performance that we can provide on standard telephone lines. Many factors can vary the speed of your connection; these include length of copper line; number and types of services sharing cable; electrical interference; configuration of cable and/or wiring; and capacity of uplink.

Your actual achieved speed will be a minimum of 1500k and a maximum of 20,000k. Your actual speed will be somewhere in the middle of that range, in accordance with the various factors, above.

This table shows the expected speeds based on line distance from the phone exchange. These can vary based on the age, quality and joints in the copper wire that feeds your house.

Distance Line Sync Speed
0.9Km 20Mb
1.3Km 20Mb
1.7Km 20Mb
1.8Km 18Mb
2.2Km 16Mb
2.4Km 14Mb
2.6Km 12Mb
2.9Km 10Mb
3.2Km 8Mb
3.5Km 6Mb
4.1Km 4Mb
5.0Km 2Mb

Speeds may also vary over time. As changes occur in the copper network between the exchange and your house, your speeds may increase or decrease.

What are some of the things that may stop me receiving the service, or slower than expected speeds?

Factors such as line distance and technology blockers can prevent you from getting the ADSL 2+ service or cause lower than expected speeds. These include the quality of the copper wire in the ground, and your distance from the exchange.

What are technology blockers?

There are a number of things that may prevent you from getting an ADSL 2+ service. Some of these include:

  • Transmission loss too high (too far from the exchange);
  • Incompatible line – RIM (Means you are connected to a local concentrator;)
  • Incompatible line – Pair Gain (Means the line is shared or split); and
  • Miscellaneous reasons (e.g. phone number / address mismatch).

These blockers affect only a minority of customers. Once an application is received and processed, we can advise if you will be affected. If we are unable to connect your service, you will not be liable for any charges.

Can I do anything to improve my line speed?

Unfortunately, you cannot control the quality of the copper feeding your house, however, there are some things that you can do to improve line sync speed. Most of these tips also relate to standard ADSL, however, at high speeds their effects are amplified.

Make sure ALL phones, faxes, answering machines & alarm systems are fitted with good quality line filters.  Screwloose recommends the C10 Filters.

Make sure you have good house wiring and, preferably, have a licensed cabler install a central splitter and a direct socket for your ADSL modem. This removes the need to have plug in filters on your other devices. If you have a ‘back to base’ alarm system, this option is mandatory. Screwloose can organizes this if you wish.

Ensure that you don’t have any devices connected to your phone line; some common ones people forget are answering machines, fax machines, Austar/Foxtel boxes and alarm systems. All of these devices require a central splitter, or filters.

Ensure that your ADSL modem/router is fast enough. Some cheaper models do not have the CPU power to deal with ADSL2+ speeds.

This is how a line Filter show be installed.


Do I need an ADSL2+ modem to get the faster speeds?

Yes and no. Your standard ADSL modem will support speeds up to 8000k, which is still much faster than speeds available currently, however, if you want to access the full 20,000k speeds you will need to upgrade your modem to an ADSL2+ compliant model.

Why purchase an Screwloose Broadband modem/router?

Screwloose supplied hardware comes pre-configured to work with the connection and has been tested and approved for our network. Screwloose supports the hardware and handles the warranty should the equipment fail.

What sort of download speeds should I expect?

Your download speeds will be governed by your line sync speed and the site that you are downloading from.

For example, if your modem is synced at 14 Mbit/s, and the site you are downloading from has the available bandwidth, you should see around 13.5 Mbit/s when taking into account packet overhead. In your web browser, this would show as 1.687 MBytes per second. A typical 1500K connection sees 160 Kbytes per second in the web browser.

Speed is governed by your sync speed and the bandwidth available at the site you are downloading from. As the internet is a series of interlinked networks, bottlenecks at any point can affect the speed. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control, however, we do take steps to ensure that we use good quality upstream providers to maximize speed.