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Send from domain IP addresses MailCleaner CBL


I have a customer that got listed on CBL using Mailcleaner.

I found this.

If you have mailservers relaying through your mailcleaner cluster, do not turn on “Mask IP address of relayed host on port 587” OR “Masquerade relayed HELO with sender domain” as you wil find yourself listed very quickly in the RBL, which is part of Spamhaus XBL, and hence can unleash a world of pain if you get listed.



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Cisco IOS Port forward Range

Port forwarding on Cisco IOS devices can be a bit tricky but here is a easy way to do it. is the server you want to port forward to. (You need to have this in twice for the NAT Pool)

ip nat pool POOL1 netmask type rotary
ip nat inside destination list VOIP pool POOL1
ip access-list extended VOIP
permit tcp any any eq 5060
permit udp any any eq 5060
permit tcp any any range 10000 15000
permit udp any any range 10000 15000

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