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ERROR Non Genuine Consumable

If you replace toner cartridges, image drums or other consumables with any non-genuine ones, “Unknown Consumable detected” appears and the device stops working.

To continue printing by using non-genuine consumables

When “Unknown Consumable detected” appears on the touch panel and the device stops working, you can follow the procedure below to switch to an operable state.

Once you switch to an operable state, a log of having used non-genuine consumables will be recorded in the device.

1.Turn off the device.

2.Press and hold the [Clear] button to turn it on.

3.Once “RAM CHECK 100%” appears on the touch panel, release the [Clear] button.

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Yealink Click To Dial from Chrome

I have been playing around with this for a while and i have managed to get this going. This is really just notes for me but it may have you too.

Install Chrome C2D URL

Then under options fill out the IP address and username and password (admin and admin by default)

Dial http://$phoneUsername:$phonePassword@$phoneAddres/servlet?number=$number&outgoing_uri=%account%

Hangup:  http://$phoneUsername:$phonePassword@$phoneAddres/servlet?key=X

I’m working on this plugin to clean it up a bit and remove the status as its not needed for this phone.

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Xerox Service Mode

Press and hold the 0 key for 10 seconds then simultaneously press START.
You will then be asked to enter a code. Type “6789” and Enter.

That will put you into UI Diagnostics. This will work for both machines and all Xerox machines that use the Connect Key Software.

Most will take you directly into the diagnostics screen. Some models you will be required to do the following after entering the code:

Press the Machine Status button.
Select the Tools Tab.
Scroll down to Maintenance / Diagnostics.

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