Call Volume Issues
Due to unprecedented and unforeseen congestion being experienced across carrier voice networks throughout Australia, many networks are experiencing unexpected congestion which is resulting in some Outbound and Inbound calls failing. We are load balancing outbound calls to different carriers. If your having issues please email and we move your outbound call routes to different providers.


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Centos password sniffer

Some time you need to see what customers are typing in as their password on the server to find typos.


tcpdump -i eth0 port smtp or port imap or port pop3 -l -A | egrep -i ‘pass=|pwd=|log=|login=|user=|username=|pw=|passw=|passwd=|password=|pass:|user:|userna me:|password:|login:|pass |user ‘

This little command will show you unencrypted passwords on the fly.

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