Call Volume Issues
Due to unprecedented and unforeseen congestion being experienced across carrier voice networks throughout Australia, many networks are experiencing unexpected congestion which is resulting in some Outbound and Inbound calls failing. We are load balancing outbound calls to different carriers. If your having issues please email and we move your outbound call routes to different providers.


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Import mysql 5.5 dump in to 5.1

If your getting the error Unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_unicode_ci‘ Its probally becuase you trying to inport a 5.5 export to a 5.1 databse.

You can try changing

CHARSET=utf8mb4 to CHARSET=utf8

COLLATE=utf8mb4_unicode_ci COLLATE=utf8_general_ci

This will only work if you don’t have invalid caratuers in your mysql dump but it may help.

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Crypto Virus’s doing the rounds again.

Hi I have a important message for you. If you receive any emails claiming to be from Auspost NSW Roads or Westpac (to name a few) here are a few tips to stop you from download a virus.

1) Check the url or website address ip the top. This


2) Capture on sites. The Hackers are using these to avoid the automated system from checking if their is a virus hosted on this site. If it seems odd the page you have been sent to the chances are it its a trick.


3) Downloading a zip file with a .exe file in it. Running the application that’s in the zip file is a really bad idea.

zip file

If in doubt please forward the email to or call and ask. A quick phone call or email can save you big $$$and lots of time and stress too.


Other tip is also if you want to check if a logon site it real. Say a banking or facebook login. Enter a password that you know is wrong. if it lets you in you then the site is a fake.


Stay Safe online.



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