Call Volume Issues
Due to unprecedented and unforeseen congestion being experienced across carrier voice networks throughout Australia, many networks are experiencing unexpected congestion which is resulting in some Outbound and Inbound calls failing. We are load balancing outbound calls to different carriers. If your having issues please email and we move your outbound call routes to different providers.


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XenServer Guest VM time issues

I was working on some server today and noticed that the time was off. I resynced the time to the dc and then shortly after it was wrong again. I have seen this sort of thing when the Xenserver clock was arong. I checked the clock on the Xenserver and it was correct. It seems that only 2 guests were effected. I found this Artical and it seemed to fix. The command in the artical is listed as xe-param-set platform:timeoffset= it should be xe vm-param-set platform:timeoffset=



xe vm-param-set platform:timeoffset=39918 uuid=3ab87aa4-08b1-5fe0-5dde-43c79d3d2c29

I first did xe vm-list name-label=vmTest-002 params=name-label,platform on a vm that had the correct time and took note of the time offset value then transferred it to the 2 other effected vm’s.




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