Call Volume Issues
Due to unprecedented and unforeseen congestion being experienced across carrier voice networks throughout Australia, many networks are experiencing unexpected congestion which is resulting in some Outbound and Inbound calls failing. We are load balancing outbound calls to different carriers. If your having issues please email and we move your outbound call routes to different providers.


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Cisco ASDM Unable to launch device manager

I had a issue with the Cisco ASA ASDM gui not loading. Turns out the new java is causing the issue. If you run it in Java 6 it works.


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Think your Hard drive is Failing?

One of the most common par tin a computer to cause problems and slow the computer down is the hard drive. Diagnosing this was also a bit tricky but some clever people have made this job a little easier.

HDD Guardian

The key features of HDD Guardian are:

  • easy device overview, with temperature, overall health and bad sectors indication
  • display an optional icon into the tray area for each local device
  • HDD Guardian tray icon change shield color if a device is failing
  • monitor virtual devices loaded from a shared smartctl output
  • displays device identity information
  • perform self-test and displays their results
  • allow enabling/disabling S.M.A.R.T., automatic offline data collection (an automatic test performed by device every four hours) and autosave of vendor-specific attributes
  • displays attributes information and graphs
  • displays device error log
  • allow to set device-specific attribute format and firmware debug
  • allow to set warnings behaviour
  • support for external (USB) devices, also in docking stations

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