Call Volume Issues
Due to unprecedented and unforeseen congestion being experienced across carrier voice networks throughout Australia, many networks are experiencing unexpected congestion which is resulting in some Outbound and Inbound calls failing. We are load balancing outbound calls to different carriers. If your having issues please email and we move your outbound call routes to different providers.


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Varnish Cache Commands

How to reload Varnish config while varnish running.

# varnishadm
Varnish Cache CLI 1.0

Type ‘help’ for command list.
Type ‘quit’ to close CLI session.

vcl.load newconfig /etc/varnish/default.vcl
vcl.use newconfig
Closing CLI connection

# top IP addresses
varnishtop -i TxHeader -I ‘^X-Forwarded-For:’
# which pages the IP address is hitting
varnishncsa |grep |awk ‘{print $7}’
# IP addresses hitting the /client-perf URL
varnishlog -m ‘RxURL:/client-perf’ |grep ‘X-Forwarded-For’
# IP addresses hitting the /client-perf URL
varnishlog -m ‘RxURL:/client-perf’ |grep ‘X-Forwarded-For’

varnishlog -O -i TxURL -i SessionOpen -i Hash

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