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Uncompress/Decompress Files

Decompress Files
Every now and then I come across a computer that someones compressed the files on the HDD.
This degrades the performance substantially and for what little space you actually get its not worth it.

Anyhow, with this command you can uncompress files over a drive.
It will take awhile but it gets the job done.

Compact /u /s /a /q /I *.*

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WHMCS Addon Not Found! Check The ID And Try Again.

The WHMCS addon for Website panel V1.2 seems to have a bug in it.


If you keep getting WHMCS Addon Not Found! Check The ID And Try Again. and you know the ID’s are correct.


Check modules\addons\websitepanel_addons\websitepanel_addons.php

Line 148 show look like this

$results = select_query(‘tbladdons’, ‘id’, array(‘id’ => $_POST[‘whmcs_id’]));

not this

$results = select_query(‘mod_wspaddons’, ‘id’, array(‘id’ => $_POST[‘whmcs_id’]));



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DatabaseAdminPasswordNotSpecified Error when installing Web Application on Website Pannel

Since the upgrade of Website panel v2.0 there have been all sorts or strange issues. Here is just another one.


You get that error when trying to install a webapp that uses mysql.


This one is simple to fix. go configuration -> servers -> MySQL5 and put in the password that you want to use to create the databases.

Click update and your all done.


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